3D Realtime representation of Conscience

CaptureIn mid-June, Professor Brian Pollard of Manchester spoke to the European Anesthesiology Congress in Amsterdam regarding a 3D real time representation of changes in electricity in the brain as it slips from consciousness using a light weight machine that can fit on a small push cart called fEITER (“functional electrical impedance tomography by evoked response) in which has the capability of scanning the brain at 100 images a second, or 100fps.

As far as I have seen, this is the first time this type of real-time scan movie capture has been possible. Iva also mentioned on Facebook how this further proves Professor Susan Greenfield of Oxfords theory of the multiple levels and layers of conscience.

The images and video Professor Pollards assistant sent to me after emailing the professor last night after the conference. This video is not ours, but was given to us by the Professors Assistant when asked for it.

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