Re-thinking Creativity

Elizabeth Gilberts TED talk in Longbeach CA is at the top of my list for not only unexpected favorite speakers, but also of all time. She urges society to TRULY encourage and nurture creativity of all types and to empathize with the meaning of the time in-between moments of genius and what the so called “conduit” is going through and to be more aware of the pressures we might expect of them and put on their shoulders.

She goes on to base this very loose and metaphoric hypothesis on the last 500 years, which was when the west began to refer to the genius as themselves and not an external entity, and the decline of the artist, and how so may artists succumb to their own wits, and sometimes even by their own hands.

It doubles as words of encouragement to creative types, reaffirming that there are two parts to the creative process, your hard work and those “moments of genius”. Keep doing your part, and let those moments come and go as they please.


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