Getting into Gear with VR: GearVR Consumer Edition pt. 1 – The Basics



On November 20th, 2015, Oculus began rolling out the Samsung manufactured GearVR: the first consumer Virtual Reality Headset.

Cerebralhack will be doing a a 3-part series of write-ups throughout the week.


Part 1 – The Basics
Part 2 – Product Review
Part 3 – Software Review



  • Samsung Galaxy Compatible smartphone
  • GearVR Consumer Edition
  • Oculus Account
  • 4ft x 4ft Standing space OR Swivel chair you can turn all the way around in with out any obstructions
  • Headphones
  • Bluetooth Controller
  • Quick Charging phone accessory (either the included charger or the optional wireless charger for charge breaks in between sessions)
  • Solid data signal
  • 100% battery


Know your IPD (distance between your pupils)


 ::Getting Started::


Included with the GearVR is the headset itself and a pair of straps. One strap is for the sides of your head, to prevent the device from moving too much when looking around your environment; the other is for the top of your head, where most of your adjustments take place to achieve a comfortable fit.


1Once your straps are good to go, pair up your Bluetooth controller and plug your headphones in. You will likely need to “wake it up” by the time you are ready to use it after this initial setup. However, getting your phone familiar with it and out of the way is one less step to worry about later; it’s just better to get into the habit of it now. It’s important to note that using Bluetooth headphones in general can have a delay in audio, causing very obvious drawbacks for immersion. Whenever possible, used wired headphones or the more comfortable option for some, earbuds.



When first inserting the phone into the headset, you will be prompted to remove it so it can download the necessary software.


As it installs, you’ll receive a couple brief blurbs in regards to the various apps it’s installing for you. At that point, during your excited anticipation of jumping into virtual reality, your mother will text message you about various cooking duties over the holidays! Hi Mom! Love you!

After all the applications are done downloading and installing, you will then be prompted to sign into or create your Oculus Store ID and provide your payment information.  The initial screen that asks for your credit card doesn’t make fully clear that you do not need a form of payment to get started.

4Continuing past the screen, however, allows it anyway. Then, you may browse the store and download free content to get your VR feet wet.  I do strongly suggest throwing your monies at the new VR content out there.

5 The ecosystem is young and needs lovin’; a lot of hard work  has gone into getting a consumer version of Virtual Reality this far, support it in the best ways you’re able. For general first setup, though, it’s not necessary.







Up next: Part 2 – Product Review

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