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When I first started this blog in 2008…it was actually a saved notepad file Then, being an old user of Dodgeball had made a Twitter account around the time they killed it in 2009.  Its main purpose was a link farm for my own categorization of information I was coming across while reading up on a new consumer product that used the waves your muscles and brain emits (biopotentials) through the skull, to interface with computers through software and sensors on the scalp (BCI).  I remembercube being initially surprised that the technology had “flown under/over my radar” and being floored as to how no one else knew this kind of stuff was being made. Writing about it seemed the next logical step for me and reaching out to people that were involved with like minded (I love puns) projects in the technology at the time and how I’d try to get better information.


Fast-forward to 2015, new technology has been sprouting at a pace that seems if it’s not on track with Moore’s Law, then its exceeding it. Oppressive governments have been overthrown by Twitter, Medical science replacing vital organs with exact replicas. People 3D printing their own prosthetic limbs and in that same breath using that same technology to destroy and dehumanize.

There’s peace, there’s war, and there is hope.

For me, the end result goal for Cerebralhack is to be a quality independent resource run by people who have day jobs and don’t have the time or energy to attempt a “News 24/7 model” but DO have the position, ability and motivation to put quality periodic bursts of what is going on in the world of technology and science from our perspective. Hacking, in its traditional sense within the culture it derived from is done by someone who thinks out of the box on any given subject, understands what it does (through experiment and/or research) and theorizes (sometimes in practice) on the full capabilities of it.banner1

From a light in the sky, to a campfire on the ground, to a monitor on our desks, our perception changes in how we shape the world. The phrase Cerebralhack refers to advances in all sciences and technologies that cause these rapid micro-global revelations of consciousness, changes in how we define the human experience, something that as time goes by has been increasing substantially.



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11136097_10153139111693400_5379797657910117132_oSelf-proclaimed exemplary Android User Steven Caputo is a 36 year old 16yr Technology Professional presently working with a global reaching Non For Profit out of Chicago, IL. In his free time; an artist, a writer, a technologist, a musician, a geek, a gamer, a philosophy and neuroscience junkie, and nano coral-reef aquarist.

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Author ImageChris Birkinbine is a Range Systems Engineer at NASA’s Armstrong Flight Research Center. His educational background includes a B.S. in Applied Physics from the University of Idaho where he contributed research on Nano-Spring conductivity as well as superconductor/magnetic levitation. Chris is currently pursuing his M.S. in Space Studies through the University of North Dakota.






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Rose hasn’t given me her bio, so I’m just gong to put here (Steven) Rose is a life saver beacuse my spelling and punctuation is horrendous. With out someone watchful like her, I feel like everything I write is a minefield of typo bombs!  Thanks Rose 😀



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