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“Aura Astrology” Pro v2.70 Android

*** Attention ***
If you need just a horoscope, please look at "Fortune Astrology". "Aura Astrology" is a program designed for professional astrologers and for all those interested in learning professional astrology.

*** The programm includes ***
* Comprehensive database of coordinates 138 000 settlements with a population of 1,000 people, and even less (city names are presented in several languages making it easier to search).
* The latest amendments for time for all the settlements listed in the early 20th century to 2014 .
* Latest NASA ephemeris (current pro version includes astrological ephemeris for 1870-2050 years. And soon will be expanded).
* Astrological Ephemeris for major planets, the Lunar nodes, Chiron, Lilith, Proserpine.
* Cosmogram, Placidus, Koch, Equal by ASC, Equal by MC, Morinus, Meridian.
* 20 visual themes.
*** Main functions ***
* natal chart (natal horoscope);
* horoscope interpretations (rising sign, planets in signs, planets in houses, houses in signs);
* planets and houses aspects;
* transit horoscope;
* dynamics of time;
* dynamics of transit horoscope;
* dynamics of progression horoscope (3 types);
* solar and moon returns (with the ability to quickly build transit to natal horoscope);
* allocation of long-term aspects;
* enable/disable divergent aspects;
* database with the ability to import and export (format Zet 9.0);
* table of coordinates;
* table of rulers;
* table of planets speed;
* table of elements, crosses and hemispheres;
* table of houses and signs;
* additional tables;
* setting up and dynamics of orbs;
* flexible interface and astrological chart (size, elements, etc.);
* screenshots (including a delay of 5 and 10 sec.);
* setting the display and planets / cusps aspects;
* displays the phase of the moon and planets speed radials;
* ability to send error reports and suggestions directly from the program;
* displays degrees of planets and cusps (including minutes) on an astrological chart;
* ability to insert data into a format Zet clipboard;
* and many other…

What’s new in this version:2.70
Zooming. Now works on Android 5.0. Timezones for Russia and Krym fixed. Some bugs fixed.

Required Android O/S:3.0+
Updated:13 Jan 2015

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