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Chris Birkinbine is a Range Systems Engineer at NASA’s Armstrong Flight Research Center. His educational background includes a B.S. in Applied Physics from the University of Idaho where he contributed research on Nano-Spring conductivity as well as superconductor/magnetic levitation. Chris is currently pursuing his M.S. in Space Studies through the University of North Dakota.

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Pluto Loves you more than the NFL

As we look at the last week of the New Horizons mission, I can assure you without a doubt that the $720 million dollars spent on this project was put to good use and has resulted in some amazing new information. So let us summarize everything we have found so far, and keep in mind, this is just what we have had time to analyze:

Higgs Boson for the rest of us. Part 1

ATLAS Experiment (c) 2012 CERN i   In 1970, Particle Physicists developed the Standard Model to describe how the twelve basic building blocks; called fundamental particles, interact with three of the four fundamental forces. Since then the Standard Model has successfully predicted and explained numerous experimental results. However, there has been a gaping hole in
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Faster than the speed of…wait…what?

Einsteins Reprieve       The leading theories disclaiming the OPERA team’s faster than light neutrinos. In the past few weeks the Physics community has been in an uproar over the announcement that the Oscillation Project with Emulsion-tRacking Apparatus (OPERA) team had discovered that Neutrinos could travel faster than the speed of light. A plethora
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Increased Physical Activity Confirmed Link to Cognitive Health in Older Adults

This may seem as no surprise at first glance; however, the difference is this time around University of Florida researchers actually monitored and collected activity data. In a news report released by University of Florida News, this new research improves on previous studies by recording the actual energy expended, as well as monitoring the consumption
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Can the Brain be the Limitation of Social Connections?

According to an article written on The Physics arXiv Blog entitled “Human Brain Limits Twitter Friends to 150 [3]” , your brain restricts you to on average 150 friends. The article explains this prediction made by British anthropologist Robin Dunbar in the early 90’s after monitoring social interactions amongst primates. He theorized that the volume
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