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Steven Caputo is a 37 year old 16yr Technology Professional presently working out of Chicago, IL. In his free time; an artist, a musician, a geek, a gamer, a philosophy/neuroscience junkie, and nano coral-reef aquarist. His opinions are his own, especially the weird stuff!

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Designing for the Brain: A Muse for Innovation

On June 27th, Google demoed work [2] that was being done for Google Glass (its augmented reality head-mounted display project) a device that would allow a heads up display to every day life by comfortably setting it in-front of the eye taking advantage of our field of view so it “feels” natural. Certain innovations need
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CH Review: Mitch Altmans NeuroDreamer Kickstarter

[2] Couple weeks ago, @BrainAnalyser [3] made a mention of Mitch Altmans NeuroDreamer Kickstarter on Twitter and was instantly excited and reached out to Mitch for a demo device, and have to say, for a demo device, and the first implementation of the NeuroDreamer, it’s pretty fantastic. I’m a big advocate of binaural beats and
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The best place by the fire was kept for…the storyteller.

  I just got done reading Frank Roses The Art of Immersion: How the Digital Generation Is Remaking Hollywood, Madison Avenue, and the Way We Tell Stories [2]1, It’s a book on a subject I laughingly thought at one point I was going to be able to cram into a 6 – 7 paragraph article
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Of Neural Networks, Hacking and Biology.

Couple days ago I saw a video posted of Derek Jacobys TEDxVictoria talk [3] on Hackerspaces and Biology, at first glance I was really happy to see the two terms in the same sentence. Hackerspaces, HackerHouses, or the more media-friendly, MakerSpaces, have been popping up exponentially everywhere [4] in the last 10 years.  It’s a
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Re-thinking Creativity

Elizabeth Gilberts TED talk in Longbeach CA is at the top of my list for not only unexpected favorite speakers, but also of all time. She urges society to TRULY encourage and nurture creativity of all types and to empathize with the meaning of the time in-between moments of genius and what the so called
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What can electronic brains dream about?

It only seems fitting that IBM (in conjunction with 5 other major universities and DARPA), the company that brought us Jeopardy champ, artificial intelligence computer, Watson, would be who brings us something straight out of science fiction novels. The NeuroSynaptic Chip The first of its kind to process in the same fashion as the brain
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3D Realtime representation of Conscience

In mid-June, Professor Brian Pollard of Manchester spoke to the European Anesthesiology Congress in Amsterdam regarding a 3D real time representation of changes in electricity in the brain as it slips from consciousness using a light weight machine that can fit on a small push cart called fEITER (“functional electrical impedance tomography by evoked response)
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CES 2011 Brings the Ultimate Battle of the Minds!

  Thanks to a friend at CES looks like Mattel has found good fortune using NeuroSkyS Think Gear Technology. We were sent pictures from CES 2011 of what looks to be the ultimate battle of the minds: Mind Flex DUAL! We have a video too but are waiting for the upload. No further information has been
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BCInet releases Neural Impulse Actuator SDK!

So it looks like after many months the Beta SDK for the (once OCZ now) BCInet NIA (Neural Impulse Actuator) has finally been released. When going to the site [3] you will see the following message: Thank you for your interest in the Windows SDK. Due to popular response, our open beta test has
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Codys EPOC Hack

On 9.13.2010 Emotiv forums lit up with the news of its EPOC device being hacked, promptly the post made by Cody Brocious (Daeken) was taken down and removed.  The next day, a post was createdto merely discuss the existence of the hack, some cheered, some sneered, even one of the admins (Read: Research Manager and CTO) jumped in on
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