Back to the Past…in the Future?

Anne Wojcicki was kind enough to reach out to me (and the other 499,999 registered samples) a couple hours ago to announce 23andMe launching their health reports that meet FDA Standards, including complete redesign and user experience. Grandfathered customers will continue to have access to previously generated reports + the new FDA reports in addition to “some
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Physical Activity = Brain Activity: A sit-down with Jamie Hyneman of Mythbusters

  It’s long been accepted by the medical community that physical exercise has a dramatic effect on brain function, it even causes neurons to be made. In fact it would represent a commercial opportunity when you start to look at studies that show the delay of the onset of Alzheimer’s and senility, this applies mainly towards
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Perfecting the Art of Disassociation

Every time you look at someone, every time you walk past the bakery and take in the smell of fresh baked bread, every time you hear a car alarm go off, every time you shake a hand your brain is firing signals back and forth billions of times a day from our various senses. And
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