On the Surface of a new experience: the Tablet PC platform

14 years ago in 2002, I was introduced to Microsoft’s first taste of it’s venture into the tablet PC platform. I was working in IT at the time, for a large health care agency out of the then (and forever!) Sears Tower, where Microsoft had setup a Windows Tablet PC kiosk in the lobby. The excitement in my eyes
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Getting into Gear with VR: GearVR Consumer Edition pt. 2 – Product and Software Review

On November 20th, 2015, Oculus began rolling out the Samsung manufactured GearVR: the first consumer virtual reality headset. Cerebralhack will be doing a a 3-part series of write-ups throughout the week. Part 1 – The Basics Part 2 – Product Review Part 3 – Software Review   The main questions I hear are in relation
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Writers, Editors and Translators! (oh my!)

  Cerebralhack is now accepting  Writers, Editors and Translators! Please send note of your intrest to by July 24th Must be familiar with chosen area Please submit examples. CH Perks? We’ve got few….with more to come as they become available! Email address with POP3 and webmail access 100 personalized CH business cards 1
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Of Neural Networks, Hacking and Biology.

Couple days ago I saw a video posted of Derek Jacobys TEDxVictoria talk [3] on Hackerspaces and Biology, at first glance I was really happy to see the two terms in the same sentence. Hackerspaces, HackerHouses, or the more media-friendly, MakerSpaces, have been popping up exponentially everywhere [4] in the last 10 years.  It’s a
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Can the Brain be the Limitation of Social Connections?

According to an article written on The Physics arXiv Blog entitled “Human Brain Limits Twitter Friends to 150 [3]” , your brain restricts you to on average 150 friends. The article explains this prediction made by British anthropologist Robin Dunbar in the early 90’s after monitoring social interactions amongst primates. He theorized that the volume
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BCInet releases Neural Impulse Actuator SDK!

So it looks like after many months the Beta SDK for the (once OCZ now) BCInet NIA (Neural Impulse Actuator) has finally been released. When going to the site [3] you will see the following message: Thank you for your interest in the Windows SDK. Due to popular response, our open beta test has
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