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Currency Converter PRO (Global Currency Rate) v4.2

Currency Converter PRO (Global Currency Rate) v4.2 | 12,7 MB
Requirements: Requires iOS 8.0 or later | Jealbreak

Currency Converter app provides 160+ currencies, live exchange rates, offline mode, historical charts and currency calculator. When you are travelling in a different country, most of the time you focus on converting the local currency back to your home currency.
– Live currency rates (Update on Specific Interval)
– Exchange rates for 160 world currencies and 4 precious metals
– Easy pick the currencies you need for conversion
– Show beautiful flags for every currency
– Historical Currency Charts (1 day – 5 years)
– Currency Calculator to calculate the amount to be converted to various other currencies
– Currency Converter provide search functionality to search the currency by currency name and code
– Provide facility to update the currency rate when only Wifi Connection
– Live rates & graphs (powered by

Currency converter:
– Click on the Plus sign (+) to add more currencies in the list of currencies to get exchange rate.
– Tap, Swipe and Delete the currency you want to remove from the list of currencies. You can delete all the currencies but not the last two currencies as they are required to do the calculation.
– Tap on any currency to add or edit amount figure quickly and easily in Calculator.

Historical charts:
– Currency graph showing conversion between two base currencies
– Can change the order of currency by tap, hold, drag and change the sequence of currency
– Show charts for 1 day (ran time intraday), 5 days, 3 months, 1 year, 2 years and 5 years

– It provides background rate updates and show live currency rates
– Precision: set the number of decimal places (0-5)
– Support Offline mode
– Provide option to auto refresh the currency rate

– Global Currency Converter
– Currency Calculator
– Live Currency Exchange Rate Tool
– Currency Comparison Chart
– Notification Center widget

What’s New:
– Solved the issue related to wrong value to 0 when adding the currency value in the numerical entry screen.


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