The Drywall And Oswald Show (1996 1998)

The Drywall and Oswald Show #1:
Saturday morning just got freaky. The writer of Scud The Disposable Assassin introduces the adventures of the world’s sexiest male robot and his many-zippered partner. Drywall and Oswald get sidetracked during a mission to protect the Pope. After a shipwreck involving Spider Pirates, is it good or bad karma that washes Drywall onto the Isle of the Thunder Bitches?

The Drywall and Oswald Show #2:
Drywall, squire of dames, and his mentor, Oswald the robotic rabbit, are back. Packed full of vitamins and fortified with funk, this issue finishes the tale of Drywall and the Thunder Bitches. Will Drywall father the children of a thousand women? Will the Pope fall prey to the Stealth Druids? Can Oswald find Drywall in time to stop them? Where’s my bacon? Three out of four of these questions will be startlingly answered in the next phase of surreality called: The Drywall and Oswald Show, issue 2

Drywall Unzipped:
The full-color origin of Scud The Disposable Assassin’s zippered sidekick. No plot summary sells this book; better you experience it on your own. It’s the ultimate companion for "figuring out" the insane Scud storyline.

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