Playstation 3

Handball 17 PS3 – DUPLEX

Handball 17 PS3 – DUPLEX

Experience all the sensations of handball with all the faithfully reproduced moves and tactics. The movement in Handball 17 is even more fluid than before, player positioning is more realistic and even more accurate moves offer a breath-taking experience. Spin shots, tactical combinations and dynamic defence ensure fast-paced, frenzied matches!

The controls in Handball 17 have been completely redesigned to make it easier for beginners to learn the techniques while still giving experts the complete control they want. The improved artificial intelligence, new levels of difficulty and contextual help mean the game can adapt to each player’s unique playing style. Using the simple shooting system, become an expert at the hip shot, the spin shot and feints so you can be ready to challenge the biggest teams.

Genre: Sports
Format: PS3 Folder
Region: BLES02243
Language: English

RAR Size: 738 MB



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