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Moonfall PLAZA

Release Description:
Moonfall is a hand-painted side-scrolling 2D action RPG beat’em up set in an industrial gothic universe named Terra Nihil. It tells a story of a once small Empire at the peak of its glory attained by a mysterious element called Lunarium that suddenly experiences a surge in attacks from so-called Savages, aboriginal tribes living outside its borders.


Beautifully hand-painted 2D graphics full of details and dark atmosphere.
3 classes with unique active and passive abilities. Gaining experience points by killing monsters and completing main and side quests.
Action-packed combat system using different skills to provide a diverse choice of dealing with battle clashes. A suitable strategy is the key to success as lingering for too long among some enemies can lead to a premature death.
13 open-ended and fully explorable levels with elements of the metroidvania genre, variable content of quests, boss fights and notes expanding the lore.
Over 80 unique items constiting of swords, axes, daggers, armors, helmets, boots, rings and so on with their own atributes.
Over 60 enemies divided into two categories – common and elite.
Multiplayer arenas, defend mode and cooperation as a free update in the future.
Immersive orchestral soundtrack with catchy melodies and melancholic ambient.
Full Xbox 360 and Xbox One Controller support.
Achievements and trading cards

Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, RPG
Developer: Fishcow Studio
Publisher: Fishcow Studio

Release Name: Moonfall-PLAZA
Size: 347 MB

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