A New Horizon, an Enhanced Perspective.

In an Email sent from NASA’s administrator, Charles Bolden  addressed and congratulated the team of women and men that made the New Horizons Pluto FlyBy possible earlier this morning.  Check out the email after the jump!   This morning, July 14 at 7:49am EST New Horizons made its historic FlyBy of Pluto, capturing data up to that
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Writers, Editors and Translators! (oh my!)

  Cerebralhack is now accepting  Writers, Editors and Translators! Please send note of your intrest to by July 24th Must be familiar with chosen area Please submit examples. CH Perks? We’ve got few….with more to come as they become available! Email address with POP3 and webmail access 100 personalized CH business cards 1
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Current Realities of the Virtual and the Augmented

In 1977, Atari announced the 2600. It was a budding industry’s first attempt at placing electronically displayed games into the hands of consumers. Our species had begun to play with light. Sometime around 1989 or 1990, my parents brought me to North Pier in Chicago and a “virtual reality” game caught my eye (not the Battletech
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Cerebralhack past, present, and future.

When I first started this blog in 2008, it was actually a saved notepad file I had on my desktop. Then, being an old user of Dodgeball, I had made a Twitter account around the time they killed it in 2009.  Its main purpose was as a link farm for my own categorization of the information I
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How will Meshnets get adopted beyond early adopters and enthusiasts? Entertainment.

Last week I got a VIP offer from Spotify [2] for a new device called a Gramofon [3] (They had a Kickstarter [4] that completed in lat May earlier this year. It connects to an audio system and acts like a Spotify receiver, and your phone or tablet act as the remote control. The true
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