Codys EPOC Hack

On 9.13.2010 Emotiv forums lit up with the news of its EPOC device being hacked, promptly the post made by Cody Brocious (Daeken) was taken down and removed.  The next day, a post was createdto merely discuss the existence of the hack, some cheered, some sneered, even one of the admins (Read: Research Manager and CTO) jumped in on
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Brain Fingerprinting: A sit down with Dr. Larry Farwell

Last Tuesday, EdRabbit covered the VLAB “Business of the Brain” event for Cerebralhack, we also lined up a fantastic sit down 1 on 1 Q/A with the inventor of Brain Fingerprinting, and also built the first EEG based BCI device, Dr. Larry Farwell.  The idea of Brainfinger printing is also briefly mentioned in our interview with Dr. Michael Schuette Ed: You built the first EEG based BCI
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Physical Activity = Brain Activity: A sit-down with Jamie Hyneman of Mythbusters

  It’s long been accepted by the medical community that physical exercise has a dramatic effect on brain function, it even causes neurons to be made. In fact it would represent a commercial opportunity when you start to look at studies that show the delay of the onset of Alzheimer’s and senility, this applies mainly towards
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Perfecting the Art of Disassociation

Every time you look at someone, every time you walk past the bakery and take in the smell of fresh baked bread, every time you hear a car alarm go off, every time you shake a hand your brain is firing signals back and forth billions of times a day from our various senses. And
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Interview with Technology Provider: NeuroSky

Again I cant thank enough my bud @EdRabbit and his friend @VioletBlue who are in the San Francisco area for giving me a hand at Interviewing and Demoing at Neurosky HQ Located in San Jose, CA. with me being in Chicago (and in this economy) they opted to do the foot work for me, much thanks, you two did a great
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