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Red Dead Redemption GOTY RF-XBOX360-RRoD

Red Dead Redemption-Game of The Year Edition-RF-XBOX360-RRoD

Red Dead Redemption: Game of the year edition fetures the full, original Red Dead Redemption game- winner of over 160 Game of the Year honors- with a brand-new Hardcore single-player difficulity option, plus the widly popular Undead Nightmare single and mulitplayer offerings, as well as all the additional downloadable content, including all the DLC originally released as pre-order content as well as the Solomon’s Folly single player gang hideout and challenges.

Disc 1 in the single player.
Disc 2 is multiplayer and Undead Nightmare.
Includes Red Dead Redemption + Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare + all released DLC.

Genre: Action Adventure > Historic
Format: ISO, 2xDVD 9
Region: FREE
Languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish

RAR Size: 6,29 + 6,37GB



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