Spider Island (Complete Comics)

Spider Island (Complete Comics)

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"Spider-Island" is a comic book storyline starting in The Amazing Spider-Man and crossing over into other comic books published by Marvel Comics in 2011.

The prologue to the main story outlines Peter Parker’s life up until the start of Spider-Island. He is seen effortlessly neutralizing a robbery by Hydro-Man, as well as stopping a normal robbery. He puts in some time at Horizon Labs; finally, he visits Shang-Chi, his martial arts mentor who is teaching him "The Way of the Spider", as seen in the Free Comic Book Day edition of "The Amazing Spider-Man". Madame Web warns Spider-Man of the events that are to come, yet Spider-Man dismisses these warnings as nonsense. Meanwhile, the Jackal is seen recruiting spider-powered criminals for his project, along with a severely mutated Kaine. He is also seen to have a large secret lab; his base of operations, in which clones of Miles Warren are seen to be working. A mysterious female benefactor is also shown.

Peter Parker is introduced to Spider-Island when his girlfriend, Carlie Cooper, shows him she has spider-powers. On the way back from the airport, both he and Carlie hear a news report telling of several hundred New-Yorkers who have manifested spider-powers. Carlie web swings to see if she can help, much to Peter’s dismay.The Jackal is behind the disturbance, as he had collected several prominent crime figures with spider-powers and gave them Spider-Man outfits. The Avengers attempt to defend the city against spider-powered hooligans.

Although Shang-Chi is able to confirm Spider-Man’s identity to the other heroes, he is nevertheless ordered to stay out of the fight due to their inability to distinguish him from the other Spider-Men. However, inspired by a conversation with Mary Jane, Peter is able to rally various other New Yorkers to help him stop the villainous Spider-Men by posing as another random spider-powered citizen. As Anti-Venom works on ‘curing’ various Spider-People of their powers, Madame Web reflects on the need for both Venom and Anti-Venom to fix the Spider-Island problem. Meanwhile, Carlie and Peter attempt to investigate the Jackal’s lab reasoning that he is the most likely candidate to have caused this event, unaware that they are being watched. Jackal is then seen working on Spider-King (who is filled with tiny spider embryos).

Horizon Labs works with Mister Fantastic into finding a cure for the spider-powered people while the Avengers and other heroes are trying to keep Manhattan quarantined to keep the Spider Virus from spreading. Madame Web has a precognition that Venom and Anti-Venom will have a large role to play in all of this. While at an abandoned lab at Empire University, Peter Parker and Carlie are attacked by Chance, Scorcher, and White Rabbit (who also have spider powers). When White Rabbit manages to attack Carlie, Peter uses some moves that he learned from Shang-Chi in order to knock out the villains. Carlie then takes the villains back to the precinct and tells him that she wants to have a talk with him and Spider-Man to Peter’s dismay. Meanwhile, Jackal has been watching them and tells Tarantula to study the tape of the fight as he will soon be tested. The Avengers then close off Manhattan keeping everyone in the city. Reed Richards develops a vaccine that can keep people from gaining spider powers, but does not work on people who already have them. Right as J. Jonah Jameson is about to get the vaccine, Reed tells him he has spider powers and has been infected. Anti-Venom continues to cure the victims of Manhattan, while Madame Web passes out from too many spiders accessing the web of life; Carlie is told that Spider-Man is waiting for her at the top of her precinct. Carlie and Spider-Man head to take down another spider-powered villain as Carlie becomes suspicious of where Peter is. When they arrive at the scene, they find a six-armed Shocker, and Carlie and Spider-Man take him on. Shocker reveals that he wants money so that Mad Thinker can cure him. Shocker then pulls off his mask to reveal that he’s slowly mutating into a spider-like creature. Just as Spider-Man tries to piece everything together, Carlie begins to mutate. While the Spider-Queen tells the Jackal that all the infected people of Manhattan are beginning to mutate, she states that New York will soon belong to her.

Mary Jane Watson evades the citizens who have been transformed into spider-like creatures. When Spider-Man tries to get a mutated Carlie to Mister Fantastic, more spider-like creatures begin to appear, giving Spider-Man a hard time to find out which of the spider-like creatures is Carlie. As J. Jonah Jameson ends up becoming a spider-like creature and defeats a Spider-Slayer, the Spider-Queen uses her Web of Life to control the spider-like creatures. Mary Jane also starts to develop spider powers, while Madame Web loses her precognition.

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