How will Meshnets get adopted beyond early adopters and enthusiasts? Entertainment.

Last week I got a VIP offer from Spotify [2] for a new device called a Gramofon [3] (They had a Kickstarter [4] that completed in lat May earlier this year. It connects to an audio system and acts like a Spotify receiver, and your phone or tablet act as the remote control. The true
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CH Review: Mitch Altmans NeuroDreamer Kickstarter

[2] Couple weeks ago, @BrainAnalyser [3] made a mention of Mitch Altmans NeuroDreamer Kickstarter on Twitter and was instantly excited and reached out to Mitch for a demo device, and have to say, for a demo device, and the first implementation of the NeuroDreamer, it’s pretty fantastic. I’m a big advocate of binaural beats and
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