neural networks

Scientists crack the code as to how modular design can evolve. A potential AI milestone?

Our computers, our cars, our societies, our bodies, our automobile traffic, our network traffic, our brains and even our own solar system – all modular by design. Smaller mechanisms to complete a larger function. Where did it come from? And the bigger question – how did it happen?   Jeff Clune [2], Hod Lipson [3],
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Of Neural Networks, Hacking and Biology.

Couple days ago I saw a video posted of Derek Jacobys TEDxVictoria talk [3] on Hackerspaces and Biology, at first glance I was really happy to see the two terms in the same sentence. Hackerspaces, HackerHouses, or the more media-friendly, MakerSpaces, have been popping up exponentially everywhere [4] in the last 10 years.  It’s a
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