Thunderbolts Complete Comics

Thunderbolts Complete Comics

Format: CBR | Language: English | Size: 1.87 GB

What if you’re a former supervillain whose abilities make you the target of ridicule among other more powerful supervillains, as well as a pushover for defeat at the hands of superheroes? And what if you’re trying to reform… to walk the straight and narrow path? Do you keep slaving away for minimum wage at a go-nowhere job, or make one last grab for fame – by busting heads?

Repacked: Changed all names of images contained in CBR archives to be consistent, to make sure all readers will get them all in the correct order. Removed duplicate double pages. All files packed in CBR format.

Format: CBR
Publisher: Marvel
Release Dates: Apr 1997 – May 2011
Issues: #1-#81, New Thunderbolts #1-#18 (#82-#99), #100-#155, Annuals 1997 & 2000, Wizard, Life Sentences, Thunderbolts Presents Zemo: Born Better #1-#4, Desperate Measures, Breaking Point, International Incident, Reason in Madness

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