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Turok 2 Seeds of Evil Remastered Update v1.5.2 PLAZA

update v1.5.2:
Single-Player Gameplay
Show both ammo types in the HUD for weapons with alternate ammo types
Bug fixes for particle splash damage (non-explosive) setting off event link triggers
All generators that should spawn random ammo now work
Minor collision fixes in first Death Marsh level
Fixed situation where player could become trapped in the spider-health trap chamber in River of Souls
Fixed a crash when switching levels while enemies are being triggered by an event
Charge dart now consumes 2 to 3 ammo based on charge level
Wasp enemies are now more aggressive and will become responsive after being spawned
Added fog effects to graveyard levels
Tweaked razor wind to be more effective against enemies with metallic parts
Trap doors in the crystal rooms in Lair of the Bline Ones now closes instantly, preventing sequence breaks
Turrets will now cease firing if the target is obstructed

Renderer / Graphics
Major performance gain in the main world deferred shader
Addressed the ‘checkerboard pattern’ rendering glitch by avoiding depth buffer blitting,
Non-deferred blood decals now adopt the proper red or green coloration depending on their source,

Local and Network Multiplayer
Improved situations where protocol commands would become over-throttled when sending to latent nodes.
Multithreaded packet transmission (which is on by default)
New multiplayer chat message system
Fixed issue with connecting to lobbies from startup
Rebalanced damage curve of charge-dart against players
Added mod and version filters to the multiplayer server lists
Added support for changing the network transmission speed of the client/server (lower speeds reduces bandwidth requirements)
Added support for custom map rotations
Fixed an issue where team-games wouldn’t clear their scores properly on map change
Improved the reliability of sending information such as the scoreboard when a player connects to a game
Numerous weapon balance and tweaks
Three N64 multiplayer maps added (Bullseye, Crazy Eight, Experimentata)
Voice volume setting is now independent of sound effect volume
Support added for German localized voices
User Interface
Ability to delete save games
Fixed collision detection issue when shooting at an object that is up against a wall
Better detection for avoiding pickups behind walls and other obstructions

Genre: Violent, Gore, Action, Adventure
Developer: Iguana Entertainment , Nightdive Studios
Publisher: Nightdive Studios

Release Name: Turok.2.Seeds.of.Evil.Remastered.Update.v1.5.2-PLAZA
Size: 65 MB

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