The Ultimate Golden Age Batman Comics

The Ultimate Golden Age Batman Comics

Format: CBR | Language: English | Size: 2.83 GB

In an attempt to make sense of the DC Universe, I’ve decided to put everything in chronological order. Somehow. The best way to do this is to cross-reference every crossover and work backwards.

Unfortunately, that’s more or less impossible in the Golden Age, since every character is practically self-contained. So, I’m using the "Unofficial Guide to the DC Universe" website to organize it, and I’ve decided I’d start off with Batman.

This is Golden Age Batman; every appearance of him ever. In chronological order, according to the Unofficial Guide to the DCU (the version of the web page I used will be included, but they are not numbered; they wouldn’t match up anyway, though. That’s explained a bit later.) Most of the stories in this torrent are from Detective Comics, Batman, and World’s Finest Comics, but there are a rare few from Brave and the Bold and All-Star Comics. Note that I’m only including the BATMAN stories, so you won’t find any Superman in your World’s Finest Comics; same goes for Detective Comics, but I let the Batman issues stand alone for the most part. This was all in an effort to save space, which I think worked quite well. No one piggy-backed on Batman comics, so taking out a page or two for a hundred comics seemed relatively pointless.

They way the files are named: The site I was using would break down Batman issues into 3 or 4 stories; if they were all in order, I’d just keep them in one file and be done with it. No need to split the file up if you’re putting it in the same order anyway, right?

If the issue had a Flashback, I tried to just take out the other pages and put that part of the issue there, but for two cases in particular that wasn’t
possible, so the story "The Man Behind The Red Hood" is included twice, and The Autobiography of Bruce Wayne was taken out of where the "Flashback" happens and put towards the end.

What we have here today:

Detective Comics #27 to #224 (Remember, folks: Batman Only!) (Give or take a few; again, reference the webpage for a detailed list.)
World’s Finest Comics #1 to #70 (With issue #71, DC decided to write Batman/Superman teamups, instead of two seperate stories; this marked the beginning of the Silver Age Batman stories in World’s Finest Comics.)
Batman #1 to #95

And various stories from the following:

All-Star Comics
Adventure Comics
Superman Family
The Brave and The Bold
Justice League of America

I hope you enjoy, guys. If I’ve slipped up somewhere, let me know in a comment and I’ll create a fix if it’s for more than one issue.

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