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Workman’s Construction Calculator v1.2.2

Workman’s Construction Calculator v1.2.2 | 7,3 MB
Requirements: Requires iOS 9.0 or later | Jealbreak
The calculator has been rebuilt and it’s built for the trades, now.

Never before has a calculator worked or acted like this. Finally, we can enter measurements like how we talk. Quick and easy, as possible. You want to put in 3/16 of an inch? Press the numerator button, click 3, and click 16 afterwards, done. Yes, 16.

One of the unique parts of Workman’s Calculator is that the buttons change. When selecting a numerator only odd values are shown (1, 3, 5, 7, 9). After clicking one of the values the appropriate denominator values appear. If the numerator is 9 or higher, automatically 16 is selected. The denominators will always be more then the numerator.

Need to multiply by a decimal? Go ahead. Choose how you wish to view your calculations.

– Feet
– Inches
– Decimals

What’s New:
– Share Menu has been added.
– Faster Response Time
– Bug Fixes


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